Girl Power? Or maybe not so much? - The State of Womens Professional Wrestling 

By Becca Seghini

This week it is Girl Power all the way! Firstly I apologize for the delay on this post but I wanted to wait until I had watched Slammiversary as I had a feeling the Knockouts would be out to impress and god damn it was I right. What a match from Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell, this last Knockout standing match could put many of the guys last man standing matches to shame (I mean we don’t have to look to far back to a terrible example from Cena and Ryback over at WWE). The match was fast paced and aggressive and demonstrated some impressive moves from these two very very talented women. After feuding for weeks this explosive match cemented just how good these two performers are, and more than that just how good the Knockouts division is. It is a head and shoulders above its counter part at WWE, when was the last time that a Divas match (if there is even one on the card) be said to arguably be the match of the night? It was just brilliant and a definite steer in the right direction for womens wrestling. I would just like to congratulate TNA, the Knockouts and these two women for a stunning show.¬†

This second item of the agenda is the NXT Womens Championship, announced by Stephanie in May of this year and unveiled at Wrestlemania Axxess this is the new title for the women in the developmental territory. The way that they have been competing is in a tournament consisting of 5 developmental Divas and 3 from the main roster, in a sort of knock out system. I love this belt, how much more professional does it look compared to that horrible butterfly atrocity that the official Divas compete for, this looks like a belt worth fighting for. I also like this tournement format, its interesting and is something that would work if they did it on the main shows. It has been a positive week for women in wrestling I just hope this is an indication of great things to come from the womens divisions. 

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